About me

Moin Moin,

my name is Timo and I live in Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2006 I install design and install wireless lan systems. But it was only after my CWNA training in the USA, that I unterstand what I do! I also do the CCNA, CWSP, ESCE and attend the last/first two WLPC EU.

With every certification and conference I extend my knowledge and meet more wifi enthusiasts. And all this people tell you the same, use Twitter and start a Blog.

Now I’ll start a Blog! I use this blog as my personal brain dumps. Some of it, it’s maybe not correct. If you or I realize it, feel free to add a comment!

As Englisch is not perfect and German is my native language, I’ll write some blog post in Englisch and some other in German.

Twitter: @dot_11

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