About me

Moin Moin,

my name is Timo and I live in Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2006 I install design and install wireless lan systems. But it was only after my CWNA training in the USA, that I unterstand what I do! I also do the CCNA, CWSP, ESCE and attend the last/first two WLPC EU.

With every certification and conference I extend my knowledge and meet more wifi enthusiasts. And all this people tell you the same, use Twitter and start a Blog.

Now I’ll start a Blog! I use this blog as my personal brain dumps. Some of it, it’s maybe not correct. If you or I realize it, feel free to add a comment!

As Englisch is not perfect and German is my native language, I’ll write some blog post in Englisch and some other in German.

The content of the blog as well as my tweets reflect my personal opinion and in no sense the opinion of my employer.

Twitter: @dot_11

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