Ekahau Customer Report Template – Loops & APs

Let’s start with the second part of my Ekahau Customer Report Template tutorial. We know already from the first post, how to create heat maps and show the requirements. As you maybe already notice, the heat map is generated for one floor. If you have more than one floor, you need a loop or just the first floor is shown. You can generate loops of different kinds. As first loop we’ll use the “floors” loop. Here is our last code: Signal strength: <#${req-value-sig-strength}#> dBm SNR: <#${req-value-snr}#> dB 5 GHz signal strength for my access points <#”visualization”:{“heatmap”:{“type”: “sig-strength”,“filter”: {“include”: {“owner”: “my”, “band”: “5”}}},“aps”:{“show-name”: “true”,“filter”: {“include”: {“owner”: “my”, “band”: “5”}}}}#> <#”visualization-legend”: {}#> 5 GHz SNR for all access points <#”visualization”:{“heatmap”:{“type”:“snr”,“filter”:{“include”:{“owner”:“my”,“band”:“5”}}},“aps”:{“show-name”:“true”,“filter”:{“include”:{“owner”:“my”,“band”:“5”}}}}#> <#”visualization-legend”:{}#> The result you can see in this PDF file, v1.pdf. Create a loop This works fine with a one floor project. To use it with multiple floors we need a loop and show the floor name: Signal strength: <#${req-value-sig-strength}#> dBm SNR: <#${req-value-snr}#> [...]