C9800-CL for my homlab

Introduction After the release of the new Catalyst 9800 Controller, I see that the virtuell version support the same features as the hardware. In order to perform simple tests outside my lab in the future, I wanted to run the controller virtually on my MacOS. Since there are 1-2 small stumbling blocks here, I created this blog post. Prerequisites I tested the installation under VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox on my Mac. VMWare Fusion runs stable with all options. Under VirtualBox I first had problems with the network card. But now it also runs. For the installation I use the ISO and not the OVA. Network Structure My network uses two adapters. One has access to my LAN adapter for communication with the access point. The other one gets access via my WiFi to "external". If I am outside my homelab, I use the first adapter in host-only mode. This gives me access to the interface even without an active LAN [...]

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Do you know PLINK?

The last week I need to run a some commands on a lot of APs and output. Today mostly all customer use controllers and don't need to connect to each ap. But as I learned last week there are still some commands, you can't run through the controller CLI on all APs :/ For one of my open cases with a vendor I need to run a command on 100+ APs. It was not possible to perform this action from the controller CLI. I need to connect to each AP via ssh, login, run the command and copy the output... Or I use Plink.exe with a simple batch file like in the older days. Plink is a application from PuTTY. For this job I use 3 files and the Plink application. Let me describe the single files: command.txt This file include the commands we need to run. It's important to include a command that terminate the session and a carriage return at the end to [...]

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